Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Hoppy and Snappy Birthday!

Good Morning!

Today I have two cards to share.  I has been so long since I have used this Unfrogetable Set from stampin up!  This happened to be one of my very first set of stamps that I fell in love with.  Not only that but it is my first time playing around with a step card.  It was pretty fun and simple that everyone should try it!  My department in general is pretty crafty and decided to ask me to make a card for a great co-worker of mine which I was totally honored and happy to =D  She deserves the prettiest and most sophisticated card since she herself makes amazing cards for everyone so it is only fair...
As you can see there's a lil turtle hanging out on the mushrooms only because it's the only one I had at the request of the card It happened to be the turtle stamp the birthday girl gave me from her Hawaii Trip since she loves turtles besides crafting cards...
Notice the grass how demensional it is??? I suggest you jst tear the top for the grass edges if you are going to make grass since it was so time consuming cutting it free

Next up...I made my own birthday card for the same co-worker.  Since she's from the islands it was perfect to use surfer anya! I was glad all the elements came together on this and I got to use my new things that have been in hiding for quite sometime...LOL  I had so much fun with the step card that I have done it again here.  If you are interested cut out a 5.5x10.5 paper and score it as follows: 1.25,2.5,4.25,6,8.25.  Hope that keeps you busy and crafty for the next couple of weeks!

Here is a top view of the card

 Take Cares!

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  1. Aw Kathy! Mahalo! Yay, I'm so happy you finally posted my two beautiful birthday cards! I was so happy to get the first one and then to get the second one made me even happier! Your attention to detail is amazing and I love that you added the turtle to the first one. Both cards are wonderful and I will cherish them always. Thanks for the lovely cards and the details to both step cards. Love ya girly! ;)


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