Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Here is a quick card I whipped up for a birthday using Cheeky Chat from the greeting farm. I have a sentiment stamped inside saying "On Your Special Day..."  Thanks for stopping by as always!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Calendar Easels

Hi there!

I just can't help but make more calendar easels since they are sooo darn cute! Below are three different green calendar sets that I have made using different designer paper combos with Glisten Bean, WS-Gracie, and Winter Yumi. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Miss Anyas

Hi There!

I haven't had any craft time, but do have projects that has been made by crafty buddies to share with you.  My friend gave me a much much belated birthday present and this was what she made me using miss anya sets from the greeting farm.

Above is one side of the mug and below is the other side using dp paper as the background.

Here is a plate she has personalized with another miss anya

Below is a close up

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sewn w/ Love

Hello Everyone!!!

It's been a crazy new year so far for me with work all day everyday pretty much. I got to play catch up in blogland with all your awesome creativity which is a happy place for me that I don't know if I can keep up as usual...LOL. I just wanted to share some sewn things that I absolutely adore and love.

So first up of course, is a hello kitty robe...=) My sister was back in town so she took my mom to the fabric district in downtown and made this!! It is so super soft and keeps me warm to the touch =) I didn't expect this at all and was so happy when my mom made it for me =) She cut everything from scratch too! Wished I have the sewing talent...maybe it will peek out of me someday hehe.

Here is a close up of the print =D

Next up, an apron for me to cook in =D My friend since Middle School has sewn this for me and it is so super cute and looks like a dress literally when worn. Sorry for my bad pictures will need to work on that...Her work is so amazing as I have seen the things she has sewn and knit for her 2 adorable daughters...makes me want to go back in the care free days hehe.

Here is a more close up of the details and print of the apron =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello Everyone!

It's 2013!!! Hope you all had an eventful 2012 and had a great start to 2013 already!  Just wanted to share a painting that I have done with a group of friends in El Segundo at Vintage Canvas!  We all painted for the first time and it was definitely nerve wrecking when it comes to Paris which is the image below.  Of course, some wine and crackers sure helped bring out our creativity...LOL We had an instructor that walked us through each step and before you know it...we were artists in 3 hours =D I would definitely come back as they have many more art that I would like to fill my walls at home. The painting is on a 16x20 canvas and use water based paint.  This one will definitely be in my craft room for my inspiration =P

Here is the inspiration quote for the night!

This was a finished sample of what our art would look like =)

 Below is my take so far on painting...

And there is me with my palette of colors...LOL

And...TAH DAH! Our Masterpieces making it something of our own!