Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Horizon


So remember my Paris painting I shared a while back...well...I had so much fun that I took advantage of Wine and Canvas when it had locations nearer to home. My hubby and I did a date night with my sibling and a friend couple. The painting is called Blue Horizon which is pretty cool because you paint a half and your significant other paints the other half.  It was my hubby's first time and he really made it his own towards the end of the night...LOL I got to sit back and relax a lil while he finished painting hehe. It's nicely hung over our TV on the wall =) I definitely recommend it to anyone of all ages. It's such a nice twist to art and you have bragging rights that you painted when people inquire the awesome art work ;P

There he is so proud of his...I mean our finished product!


  1. Very cool!! You both did a great job! Max is very talented but don't let him near the copics! lol!

  2. :) Great job Max!!! This painting stuff is rather stressful, but looks like you guys did a great job!!!

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