Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Surprise Minion Party

Hi There!

So some youngest sister was graduating from Middle School which so happens to be on the weekend of my brother's birthday! My other sister, Brother's Girlfriend, and I decided to throw them a surprise party doing a Minion's Theme from the movie Despicable Me =D Boy...was it so hard to keep it a secret with so much prep work.  I was hosting at my place and was very fortunate to have come across Minion collectibles which is shown below for the cake topper.  I customized the birthday hat and grad cap and the tassel is made of twine =) 

I also turned Twinkies into lil minions with googly eyes and added lips for animated expression on the wrapper. I printed out images from the web of minions and taped it against a bamboo stick to be the center of the Twinkies in the pail. These served as table decor and favors at the party.  The pails are from target and I customized the sign to say "Hope you had a Despicably good time!"

  I bought yellow cups, plates, and napkins. The cups were also turned into minions by adding black ribbon with eyes held together by glue dots and drawn on mouths.  To complement the yellow I bought blue utensils from the 99 cents store and wrapped it in yellow napkins and tied it with a bow using ribbon. These are then put into a bin which I also got from Target =) We also did a Minion Pinata from scratch and poster banners decorated with Minions on them which you can find on Annie's Blog...Thanks for stopping by and hope you had fun seeing what I put together.


  1. You sure did a fabulous job on the minions. Ummm, Twinkies, it's been a while since I sunk my teeth into them. Happy crafting.

  2. Soo soo cute Kathy! So glad you pulled it off! Where did you find the Twinkies?! I thought they were all gone. hahaha. Awesome party favors! I'm heading to Annie's to check out the piñata. Well done girl!

  3. Your decorations turned out so cute. You did a fab job on everything. I am sure that your sister and brother loved what you made and felt very blest that all of you threw them a surprise party.


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