Friday, December 9, 2011

Chef Anya

Hi All!

Hope you are excited for the weekend as much as I am! Work around the holidays is just crazy!!! I don't have much planned so looking towards just relaxing =) One of my co-workers reached her 20 year anniversary at work and I wanted to make something for her in honoring that milestone. I always wanted to make a brown and pink combo card from seeing so many pretty ones in the past so I finally got down to doing so.  For the image, I have altered chef ian and sunshine anya into "CHEF ANYA"! Isn't it awesome how she came out? I used stampin up to create the background and wrote in the rest of the message for the occasion.

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  1. I wonder who it could be? This is super cute! I did a similar swap with Sunshine Anya too. Gr8 minds think alike.


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