Sunday, April 29, 2012

BIG 40!

Hi There!

Important celebrations has begun to start for me this spring...and many more on its way~!  My husband's great uncle just had his 40 year anniversary of becoming a priest! What a big milestone right? I was happy to be able to make him a card.  I chose the color green as it represents spring, renewal, and new beginnings. Here I customized Grad Ian into a priest and giving him a bible instead of a scroll =) I used the cricut to cut out the numbers, stamped, and wrote in the rest.  Thanks for stopping by as always!

Here is a close up but sorry for the blur...


  1. Very cute! I bet he will love it especially because it's handmade!
    Great job Kathy!

  2. The card you made for your hubby's uncle is super cute. I like how you customized Grad Ian to make him fit the occasion. That is such a great idea. I am sure that the card made help make your hubby's uncle celebration an even more memorable one.


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