Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT - Valentine's Day


So I been having this idea of assorted picture frame blocks for Valentines where you can arrange is a variety of ways. I used "XOXO" & "LOVE" spelled out on oppsite sides of the wood blocks. For the middle, I used some of my favorite pics with my significant other to finish it off. The teal glitter letters are actually sticker adhesive I bought from Michael's that made it quick and handy to put on. The pink glitter letters are cut by the cricut from the double sided sticky adhesive tape and glittered when done.  Loved how it came out. Looking forward to making some more =D


  1. Awww the perfect idea for a wonderful project! You always have the coolest ideas!!

  2. I love this...need to try this awesome project soon!!!


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