Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pixie Purses!

Hi Everyone!
  Have you ever had so many craft projects, with markers, stamps, paper, and embellishments, that it was just challenging to carry it all from one place to another??? This is when it dawned on me to make my own Pixie purse! Or rather, a bag, which could hold all my craft projects! I also made it versatile, in which it can also be used for daily use, just like an everyday purse, bag, or tote! It's made out of sturdy cotton fabric. It has two layers-one is  the inside linen layer, and the out-decor layer! The handles are wooden, round handles, which can be held or thrown over your shoulder! I like it when I have the option of having my hands free when crafting! This is the most recent Pixie Purse I made this past weekend, but I'll post more pix of other ones that I have sewn, which have different designs and handles! If you're interested, come visit Kathy and I at the Family Festival in Monrovia, this Friday night, August 27th, from 5pm-9pm! We'll have the many Pixie Purses to choose from, among stamps, and other craft items you see on our blog! Hope to see you all there!!!

                                             This is the fabric that I used. Beautiful rich red,
                                            which really pops out with the black background.

These two pix, show what the bag looks like from the inside and the outside, with the wooden round handles. I know you can't see it, but I ALWAYS add pockets to the inside of the purses, so I know exactly what I want, when I want it! ;)


  1. This material so so PRETTY!! Love this bag!! Great job ladies!!


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