Friday, September 10, 2010

Pot Holders

Hello everyone! Have you ever had a pot of hot tea, or plant that needs a little crafty touch? Well, I have finally put my fabric scraps into work, and came up with these really beautiful and functional potholders! I have made several, which I use to place under my pot of tea, for decoration under my potted plants, and even for my hot bowl of soup! They are all made of 100% cotton, and the center part has this special material that oven mitts are made of, which can withstand heat at least up to 400 degrees without worrying about burning those crafty hands of ours! So if you're interested or would like to see them in person, then Join Kathy and I at the Monrovia Family Festival on Friday,Sept.17th! Hope to see you there! 
From this pix above, you can see that
I have the pot holders decorated with a circle of hearts and flower yo yos.

This one is my favorite! I also made sets, so one pot holder is with a circle of hearts (above pix), and the other is made with the exact colors but with flower yo yos.

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