Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Your Drink On!

Greetings friends,
 I recently got bitten by the mug bug, and made a few....there are tons of choices, as you see. To see more, come to the March Stamp N The Hand convention 0n March 19th and 20th, where you'll be able to see all our precious mugs! (Kathy made the prince mug).
These last two are from the Sweet N Toxic Critter Crew Set.
 I thought I'd change it up a notch! I know a dear friend who is very fond of this set, and it was the thought of her that inspired me to create these mugs using the Sweet N Toxic set. Thanks Leanne!

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  1. Elise, girl you've been BUSY!! I can't imagine you parting with all of those mugs. I love that S&T set, you know me so well. HUGS girly!!


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