Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthdays are the Best!

Hello All!

Just wanted to share with you some awesome...priceless...one of a kind...cards that my friends in the craft world has made especially for me ^.^ 

So 1st up is my friend Leanne.  She made me this beautiful green scheme card if you want more details on the images and artsy fartsy things she used you can hop on over to her blog for my card ;P I just love how she blends...it never stops to amaze me each time!
This 2nd one was made for me with inspiration from Leanne's birthday card. It's sweet because it was a beginner person who was brave enough to go all out on the challenges from step card to blending...so I give an A for effort =D
 Here we have Linda's card as the 3rd display.  Just love the new OA Surprise Amelia she used with the paper backgrounds.  Very glad that I didn't receive Birthday Anya...hihihi. If anyone knows Linda...she uses birthday Anya for everyone with the most freshest and newest layouts so that no card looks alike!
 Here we have Sara's picture frame card which is personalized with my name in puffy paint glitter.  Love the color selection and the so appropriate theme since we went to Chado Teahouse for my birthday =)
 Here I have Angie's card who start it all with Stampin Up! Her card is so cute and demensional with the owl.  I have to say I miss the stamp camps that I used to go to so often!  Mainly for the buddy get together to chit chat and craft as we please...lol

Last but not least...Dayna that did a princess anya card for me.  Her creativity always amuses me from the limited supplies she has and yet she still manages to make a beautiful card. 

I also have a card from Elise that she has posted prior on our blog using Birthday Anya II if you have not yet seen it! Thank you all you ladies out there that has made my special day more memorable than the last and giving me something to treasure along with your friendship as we continue down the crafty path. Hope today's share is inspirational for you and everyone around you for the holidays that is near!



  1. Hi Kathy-
    All six cards are so pretty, you are so luck to receive all of them......very, very sweet birthday cards for someone special as you are...
    Have a great day.....

  2. Wow those are some Awesome cards you received for your Bday!!! My stamping friends I swear get lazy when it's time to send out cards. Here they buy stuff all the time to make cards then they always seem to forget friends Bdays to send them out for. I don't get it!!! seems like I always gotta say to them "I am looking forward to getting Happy Bday Mail from you in my Mailbox this week!" like seriously why are they buying the stuff to make cards if they are NOT making cards! I think my friends are more like Hoarders!!! I try to use everything I buy and check my bday calendar regularly too! Hope your Bday was a Blast!!!
    Hugs, Heidi

  3. Hi Shirl!

    Yes, pretty sweet to have a good group of craft friends =)

    Heidi@ You sure are a sweet friend to keep reminding yourself of those birthdays on your calendar hopefully your friends realize that and show the reciprocation in some way or another...=)


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