Saturday, December 22, 2012

Monkey Diaper Bike


Let's change gears a lil from card-making to diaper bikes...LOL I had a co-worker's baby shower and was on her coordinating committee which I was delighted to work with and was put in charge of party favors.  I was keeping the party favors simple but had already in mind to make a diaper bike as her gift =)  I ran across this tutorial that made me itch and even more excited to do as my first time and couldn't wait to start. So my hubby was kind enough to help me shop for the items to put them together since I am a busy bee with work.  I don't like procrastinating but ended up so anyway so had to have him and my lil sister help. They seem to enjoy the results as much as I did so I guess it was nice and worth it with all the work...LOL Ok...enough of the chit chatting, here are my products along with the rest of the team's work to make it a memorable moment for her and hubby.

Above is the banner from dollar tree and balloons are from a co-worker

Here are my party favors topper using the "Wild About You" stampin up set and punches

Here are a bunch of them tied with either a purple or pink ribbon. The candy hearts was ordered from Candy Warehouse

Here are the balloons again from our co-worker and the cute giraffe is from another co-worker
 Those pink strings you see on the table are necklaces with pacifiers on them for our baby game!

Look more balloon decor!! Cute huh? Can you tell that her theme is safari? Lol
 We even had desserts home made...nom nom nice to work with a bunch of talented ladies =)

My diaper bike =)

Side view and all items are from target =D

My quick card since I had no time using TGF baby girl set and colored with my color pencils as back up from work =)                            

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