Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Post-It Easels

Hello Everyone! Wow, it seems like ages since I last posted! Feels great to be back on! While away, I made some cute little mini post-it easels. I hope you all enjoy viewing the pix! There will be more for viewing at the Carson Stamp Convention, on March 19th and 20th. Please stop by and show your support! Bring your wallets as there will be many new and cute stamps for sale! Hope to see you there!

                 Thank you for taking the time to see my creations!
                   I hope you all feel inspired! -Elise


  1. Cute!! Great job, you were very busy!!! I'm planning to visit you gals at the Carson show.

  2. Awesome! Thank you Leanne for your support! We can always count on you!


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