Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Giveaway and Thanks!

Hello There~!

I just want to thank again everyone who has made me feel special for my birthday this year and want to do so by having a fun giveaway! So for you to participate all you need to do is the following:

1. Be a follower on my blog
2. Make a card with a TGF (the greeting farm) image
3. Send the card to Kathy Dinh, 1683 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770
4. Leave a comment that you will or did send the card

The card can be anything as long as it's a TGF image.  The blog giveaway will be for 2 weeks and selected randomly using The winner will be announced on 10/21/12!  Hope you take up the challenge and have some fun with this =)

Here are the blog giveaway if you are curious~!

Cute handmade FRAME to capture your Spook-Tacular moments

Pop-ups, acrylic block, and 4 any occasions cards

Here are the cards I received for my birthday and some goodies to make it extra awesome to share with you.

Jelly Bean Treat Jar

New Copic colors yay!

Cosmetic cherry blossom and mirror
From Annie

From Amanda

From Linda

From my youngest sister

From Dayna

From Tina

From Leanne

From Sara


  1. Happy Birthday Kathy!! Hope your day was filled with lots of smiles and happiness! Awesome gifts and cards from your friends! ;D

  2. I'm gonna share this on my blog if it's ok? Totally cool cards and gifts. I'm still working on yours. It's truly hard to make something for you. I just need to get past my block! hehehe.. ;)

  3. Hi Leanne! Of course you can share it on your blog! Hugs~! You having a crafting block...not going to believe it! You always come up with something amazing...=)


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