Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Y&F Anyas

 Good Morning!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You gals are too sweet!  I have a custom coffee mug to share with you guys today!  I bought a sbux mug and decided to be playful by altering sitting lovely and sitting cute Anya's (TGF Stamps) with Yumi and Fumi stamps and TAH DAH! Aren't they so CUTE!!! Who says you can't do alterations with other stamp lines?!? It was so fun doing this project that I am looking forward to many more altering of stamplines hehe. Have a nice Wednesday!

Stamps Used:
Sitting Lovely (TGF)
Sitting Cute (TGF)
Because of You (TGF)
Yumi with Fan (YFHC)
Fumi with Gift (YFHC)

Here is the final look before it's put into the mug window =D

Doesn't this bring you back to your childhood days?
Here is the sentiment I used from "Because of You"
This is how it looks close up in a Venti size mug

Here is the overall sorry for the quality!

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  1. hmmm... that closely resembles the mug on my desk!! hahaha!! it's the cutest thing ever and I've gotten a lot of compliments. need to keep an eye on it or else it might walk away.


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